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Dental Crown
Austin, TX

Close up 3D rendering of a dental crown being placed on a shaved down tooth at Sola Smile Co. in Austin, TXA dental crown is a cap affixed to a tooth that is fractured, damaged, or decaying. It is used to reinstate the tooth’s shape, size, and strength if a filling doesn’t resolve the problem. Dental crowns brighten your smile and improve the appearance of your teeth. The coverings’ main advantage is that they don’t require extra maintenance. You simply need to floss once a day and brush twice a day to ensure your dental crowns are healthy. Metals, resin, ceramics, and porcelain are the primary materials used to create crowns. If you have a damaged tooth, visit Sola Smile Co. to schedule an appointment for dental crown installation.

Dental Crown Advantages

Dental crowns keep fragments of fractured teeth in place and stop fragile teeth from cracking. Additionally, they help restore severely worn-out or damaged teeth. They also help safeguard and support a tooth with a large dental filling when only a small section of the natural tooth structure is left. In addition, a dental crown is used to hold a dental bridge and cover a dental implant. They also produce a cosmetic change and shield a tooth that has been severely discolored. Crowns guard children’s teeth, which are prone to decay.

Types of Dental Crowns

There are many different kinds of dental crowns, such as metal, all-ceramic, all-resin, and porcelain-fused-to-metal. Metal crowns are long-lasting, sturdy, and are not susceptible to breaks; hence they tolerate chewing and biting forces. They are manufactured using platinum, gold, copper, nickel, chromium, and stainless steel. All-ceramic dental crowns are the greatest alternative for those who are allergic to metal. They match your teeth beautifully thanks to their natural hue.

On the other hand, all-resin dental crowns are less expensive and less enduring than metal dental crowns. In comparison to other forms of dental crowns, they are also more prone to breakages. Porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crowns mimic your tooth color, promoting appearance and functionality. They appear more natural than conventional dental crowns but lose their effectiveness more quickly. Also, a black line runs along the porcelain at the back of the dental crown. Besides, they are prone to cracking or chipping and are suited for either the front or rear teeth.

Procedure for Placing a Crown

You will require two dental visits for dental crown placement. The teeth that receive dental crowns will be cleaned and examined by your dentist during the first appointment. The dental crown is permanently implanted during the second appointment. When preparing the tooth, the dentist will conduct a root canal operation to eliminate all decay from the tooth. The dentist will then polish the enamel of the tooth to give the dental crown a perfect fit. Your dentist will send imprints of your teeth to the dental laboratory where the dental crown will be manufactured.

The dentist will first fix a temporary dental crown to your tooth before permanently installing the dental crown on it; following that, you will be sent home. Keep in mind that during this time, your tooth may be sensitive to hot and cold drinks. Do not consume or chew hard foods, candies, or ice. You will come back for a second appointment in two to three weeks. During this visit, the affected tooth will have a dental crown permanently affixed by the dentist.

Visit Sola Smile Co. for a crown placement process. Call us today at 512-615-9405 for more information.
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Visit Sola Smile Co. for a dental crown placement process. Call us today at our office in Austin for more information.
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