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Oral Cancer Screening

Dentists utilize oral cancer screening as a strategy to look for malignant or precancerous abnormalities in the mouth. The main objective of an oral cancer screening is to identify mouth cancer early enough while there is a good chance of treating it. Screening is usually carried out during routine dental checkups. The dentist will inspect your mouth for any signs of tumors, asymmetry, swellings, ulcerations, discoloration, and other oral flaws. The dentist will also access your neck, jaw, cheeks, face, and lips. Visit Sola Smile Co. to schedule an appointment for an oral cancer screening.

What Benefits Does Oral Cancer Screening Offer?

Oral cancer screening offers a number of benefits. The main advantage is that it helps with the early identification of precancerous lesions that may develop into oral cancer. These lesions can be removed with a lot of ease if found early enough, and the patient fully recovers.

Recently, throat and mouth cancer diagnosis has been on the rise. The main attribute for the increase is excessive consumption of tobacco products such as cigars, cigarettes, pipes, chewing tobacco, and snuff. Additionally, prolonged sun exposure increases the risk of acquiring lip cancer. Heavy alcohol use and prior oral cancer diagnosis further raise the risk of mouth cancer.

Oral Cancer Screening Preparation

Since dentists can perform oral cancer screenings during regular dental appointments, no advance preparation is required. The dentist will check your mouth for sores or red or white patches during regular dental checkups. They will identify any lesions or other anomalies in your oral tissues.

For the purpose of identifying oral cancer, dentists can undertake extra tests. These tests include mouth cancer screening dye and an oral cancer screening light. The dentist will beam an intense light into your mouth during the examination to look for oral cancer. Your mouth's malignant tissues appear white under illumination, while its good tissues appear black. However, for oral cancer screening, you must cleanse your mouth with a specific blue dye before the examination. All mutated cells appear blue after the dye has been rinsed out of the mouth, making it easy for your dentist to spot them.

If the dentist discovers any lesions or symptoms of mouth cancer, they would likely advise you to return in a couple of weeks to check the region in question and to see if the area has changed or grown. A biopsy, which comprises removing a sample of cells and submitting them to a lab for more cancer cell testing, may be advised by dentists. Your dentist could suggest that you receive additional or special care from an oral cancer specialist.

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